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Our Mission

Our investment advisory firm aim to generate for our stakeholders robust return, costant positive cash flows and value, granting transparency, market decorrelation and diversification.

Our Objectives

Our investment advice will leverage on a winning mix of high-quality real estate assets, securities, and liquidity, within a highly regulated and transparent framework such as the SICAV-SIF vehicle. The SICAV-SIF vehicle will enables us to meet also, in parallel with the business objectives mentioned above, high standard compliance and governance objectives: all vehicles will be managed under the supervision of the Luxembourgish financial authority (CSSF - Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier), a reference point in European funds structures. Moreover, a qualified and AIFM certified Management Company, a permanent and accurate risk management, independent directors, Custodian Bank, Auditors, Legal and Tax advisor, will constitute the governance "network" that will fit and fulfill the maximum security and transparency standards.

scritta real

About Us

We are an investment advisory firm located in Luxembourg, currently engaged as investment advisor of Luxembourg-based funds. Alternative concrete investments, shareholder returns and cash flows, decorrelation, diversification, transparency and governance are the keywords driving our day-by-day professional activity.
The Investment advisor is a subsidiary of the Keller Zable Group. The Group, based in Lugano, Switzerland, operates in Real Estate as the best partner for selection and management of high-return development and investment deals, tailored for either institutional or private Clients.
The Group has access to elite and premium real-estate portfolios, worth more than € 1.7 billions, that encompass in particular off-market assets. The Group offers a wide range of exclusive and highly differentiated real-estate services, together with value-adding consultancy and advisory of fiscal, administration, technical and financial nature, finalized to the optimization, consolidation and ultimate growth of portfolios. Moreover, our Group can assist in the creation and management of financial investment vehicles, such as Investment Funds and securitization.
Our management has been operating for more than 16 years in the real-estate market, suggesting and effectively managing several investments and development projects. In addition, we have been managing for more than 10 years entire portfolios of real-estate assets of well-known families and companies, excelling in providing adding value services such as asset allocation and dynamic management of portfolios themselves. Our track record is such framework raised € 370 millions in total.
All achievements mentioned above had been mad possible a unique work method Keller Zable RE Data Analysis System based on our self-developed mathematical model and automatic risk management.


  • Real time multi-level monitoring
  • Analysis method based upon owned mathematic models
  • Authomatic process managed by human know-how
  • Real time business planning

Fund Goals

Keller Zable
Investments Stable Return

The objective of the Sub-Fund is to generate a stable and robust return for its shareholders, leveraging on the following strategic pillars:

  • stable income generating steady and sustainable positive cash flows;
  • high potential underlying assets, achieving along the investment lifecycle, contextual capital protection and overall net asset value growth;
  • inflation-indexed yields, granted by transparent contractual conditions applied within the renting agreements in place for the targeted real estate assets;
  • yields with either no or very limited correlation with market cycles and macro-economical events.

Fund Strategy

The Sub-Fund will invest at least two thirds of their assets in a portfolio of freehold and long leasehold properties in Europe including the United Kingdom, principally in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and Germany and eventually on a case by case basis, in other OECD countries, and focussing on commercial real estate, including infrastructural, office, retail and industrial assets. The remaining part (one third of their assets as maximum) will be invested in equity securities; innovative statistical and quantitative techniques will drive our investment decisions, aiming to achieve a positive return with low volatility and low correlation to market cycles The Sub-Fund will focus on creating both sustainable income and strong capital returns with a target equal to a total shareholder return of 5% to 7% per annum.

The drivers of the strategy:

  • High quality rental contracts: capable to generate strong and constant cash flows
  • Top-rated tenants: for high guarantee and in order to minimize vacancies
  • High intrinsic value of the real estate asset: normally located in city centers and in either residential or commercial neighbors, granding a very high reconvesion grade of the asset
  • Long-term rental contract: with long-term duration rental contracts, lasting on average 15-21 years with no break option

Portfolio Performance

YDT: 4.00%
last 12 months:
Walt: 17.6yy
Share price €
on May 31st 2018

Portfolio Performance

Portfolio insights

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Key indicators

Our Assets

Via Brofferio,
Milan - Italy

Via Togliatti
Castelfiorentino - Italy

Via di Colognole
Greve in Chianti - Italy

Via Vittorio Veneto
Nova Milanese - Italy

Via Brunone Bianchi
Rome - Italy

Fund Facts
Data Sheet




AIFM Multi Strategy Real Estate

Fund Currency


Launch Date

June 1st, 2017

Management Company


Transfer Agent

Amicorp Luxembourg

Fund Advisor

Keller Zable Lux SA


KPMG Luxembourg


Reworld srl

Custodian Bank


Subscription Fee

Up to 3%

Management Fee

Up to 2%

Performance Fee

20% on net cash flows with hurdle

Min investment

€ 125.000

NAV Calculation



LU1366342670 (Class I)
LU1366342753 (Class R)

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WHERE 8, rue A. Fischer
L-1520 Luxemburg